Ballyhoo Commerce Version 1.6

Version 1.6 of our e-commerce software is now available. Building on the success of recent releases, this version adds a few minor bug-fixes and some recently requested features.

New features

Full SSL support

We are now able to install a secure SSL certificate on your website and the Ballyhoo Commerce software will automatically force a secure connection with the user for all confidential data, namely when using the account and checkout areas. Give your customers more confidence that their details are safe.

Company registration

Customers can now register a business name when signing up to your website. This is optional for each installation but recommended if you mainly sell directly to businesses.

Free shipping break

For each shipping zone you can now configure an order value above which shipping is free for your customers. Use it to encourage bigger orders or provide better value for your best customers.

Order times

You can now see the exact time as well as the date that each order was placed.


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Alison Chaffey

By Alison Chaffey

Alison is Ballyhoo's Office Manager, responsible for keeping the business running smoothly and moving towards bigger and brighter things.