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September sees the release of the latest version of Ballyhoo Commerce, our exclusive e-commerce software. This release includes a number of minor bug fixes as well as some key developments.

System messages

In a previous version of Ballyhoo Commerce, we developed global consistent system messages with a transparent background to display important messages to the end user, for example that a product has been added to the basket. Today there are various ways to access the internet, with new methods constantly coming to the fore. While this is fantastic for internet users, certain development features such as this may not work in every browser which can unfortunately cause customer dissatisfaction.

To combat this, we are striving to ensure that our websites work to their full specification in all internet browsers in use, not just the most popular such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Version 1.9.3 includes an improvement on this information feature whereby we have developed our own lightweight and efficient technique for displaying messages. We can confirm that this version of Ballyhoo Commerce has been fully tested in the Android, iPhone, Playstation 3 and Wii browsers.

This feature has also been employed to include an add-to-basket function that prevents the page from being refreshed. Often, when shopping online, you may add an item to your shopping basket and not be returned to your previous place onscreen once this has been processed. We understand how frustrating this can be, especially on a page with many items. This feature ensures that anyone using a website built on this version of the Ballyhoo Commerce software will not lose their place while shopping which can in turn encourage multiple purchases.

Mandatory contact number

When a customer registers their details on a Ballyhoo website, their telephone number was not previously a required field. However, after several customer requests, this information is now mandatory in Version 1.9.3. Although some customers may feel it is not essential for you to have their telephone number, several courier firms now insist on a contact number for delivery purposes. It can also be useful to you should an emergency situation arise and you need to talk to your customer immediately.

Template system

Ballyhoo Commerce was developed to provide an ultimately user-friendly method of selling online. Our customers benefit from a simple interface that allows them to efficiently and successfully manage their online shops. In the future we hope to make our e-commerce software available to web developers, through payment of a one-off license fee per website. This version of Ballyhoo Commerce includes a simplified template system, moving us one step closer to this goal.

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By Alison

Alison is Ballyhoo's Office Manager, responsible for keeping the business running smoothly and moving towards bigger and brighter things.

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