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Ballyhoo Refresh Version 1.4 introduces some exciting new content management features. These include breadcrumbs, the ability to edit the created date of a page and an intelligent method of creating blog layout content excerpts.


Breadcrumbs display which pages a user has visited to arrive at the current page. They're a particularly useful feature if your website has a complex structure and many deep pages but even if your website isn't very big it's still useful to have a breadcrumb trail so that users can quickly navigate to a previous page. 

Ballyhoo Refresh can now autmatically output breadcrumbs as part of your website template, let us know if you want us to turn this on or off.

Edit Created Dates

When adding new pages to your website it's often useful to be able to amend the published date. Reasons include articles being specific to a certain date or simply because you'd like to re-order your pages.

Ballyhoo Refresh now allows you to alter the creation date of any page. You'll find the date manager just before the Continue button when you edit a page.

Intelligent Blog Excerpts

When you set sub-pages to output as a blog the system pulls the title, image, created date and an excerpt from the page content from the sub-page to do this.

We've now improved the system to intelligently look for the first paragraph in the content, ignoring any images or heading that come before it, to create the excerpt shown on the blog page. This is something to keep in mind when writing blog posts.

Page Images

Previously, an image could only be uploaded to standard content pages for output as a thumbnail on parent pages (when set to thumbnail or blog output). We have since realised that complex content structures could mean that an thumbnail image is required for other kinds of pages, like galleries output under a blog layout.

As part of making the system truly flexible for your needs, whatever they may be, we've added the ability to upload an image for every page type.


By Alison

Alison is Ballyhoo's Office Manager, responsible for keeping the business running smoothly and moving towards bigger and brighter things.

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