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Who are Belmar?

Belmar LogoBelmar Technologies provide process equipment for industrial wastewater treatment systems to meet commercial, operational and environmental requirements.

Belmar initially approached Ballyhoo to help maintain and support a website they already had built. Whilst we were happy to assist, we noticed some major flaws and missed opportunities in the prebuilt site and established that the website was not doing the company any justice. Belmar are quite rightly proud to work with a variety of big names like Rolls Royce, Airbus and Hewlett Packard, to name but a few and this was represented at all by the existing website.

Therefore, we wanted to build a website Belmar Technologies could be proud of. As always, we were eager to make sure the website provided the company with a return on their investment. This meant that we spent time learning the ins and outs of the business, identifying who their target audience were, and what made the ideal customer. From this, we were then able to design and build a website that would cater for these users, building their confidence to get in touch and make the process as simple and effective as possible.


Belmar Technologies have three distinct product ranges: Wastewater Management, Process Equipment and UV Disinfection. Therefore, we decided to use colour association to help distinguish between these offerings when on the website.

Belmar’s branding was already working well for them and was recognisable to their users and potential clients, however, there were a few issues we needed to address. They did not have the logo in a scalable format, so were limited to only using the size they had. We thought it would only be right to re-create the logo in a vector format so they had the capability to use the logo anywhere they wanted.

Belmar Colour Differentiation

The colours of the additional logos for the main services (Wastewater, Process and UV Disinfection) were also inconsistent and didn’t complement one another. We made sure we implemented the same logo with different colours, identified in the branding exercise, to distinguish each service and maintain consistency.

Finally, Belmar were unaware of the font used in their logo, so we found the closest match possible and tested to ensure it worked well in print and on the web. We were then able to use the chosen font throughout the website to ensure consistent branding. In fact, although they already had an established brand, we still created a brand guidelines document to ensure brand consistency across all mediums.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines contain detailed examples on how the logo should be displayed and positioned in various situations as well as having information on colour codes, straplines and typography. The client can refer to this guide or present it to graphic designers to ensure their brand is consistent across all media.

Responsive Design

Belmar ResponsiveA large portion of Belmar’s visitors were accessing the website through mobile and tablet devices - with almost 58% of users in this case using hand held gadgets, which is not uncommon. It was, therefore, essential that we catered for this demographic.

As a result, the website was designed and built to be fully responsive, with the ability to adapt to the size of the screen being used to view it, from widescreen monitors, all the way down to the smallest smartphones available today.

To fully ensure the website adapted to different screen sizes, we thoroughly tested the site in our very own testing facility, the Longbridge Device Lab.

With such a wide range of technical, advanced products on offer and a large amount of technical information needed to describe each product, we were keen to ensure that it was presented in a clear format, even on the smallest devices.

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsAs always, we made sure the website was fully integrated with Google Analytics, allowing us to track the volume of traffic they receive, how visitors interacted with their website and when potential clients get in touch. This way, we are able to ensure that, not only is the website attracting visitors, it is also generating leads and encouraging users to make contact.


In the past, Belmar have also dabbled with Google Ads, however, as often is the case, they were not able to see tangible results without spending a significant budget. So, to overcome this we implemented a rounded marketing strategy that included a wide range of aspects such as search engine optimisation and cost-per-click marketing.

The website was also built on our very own content management system, Ballyhoo Refresh, meaning it is not only easier for the client to manage, but we also have all the tools needed to efficiently add content to the website when needed.

Key Features

Responsive Design

As almost 58% of users were accessing their existing website through a mobile or tablet device, it was essential that the website adapted to the screen size available to us.

Detailed Analysis of Website Traffic

Google Analytics was integrated in order for us to track key features such as the numbers of users getting in touch or making an enquiry after visiting their website, as well as monitoring conversions to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Product Information Page

We implemented a number of product information pages to explain what each product was, how it is used and clearly listing all of its key features. We wanted to provide as much information as possible, in the clearest format for both desktop and mobile devices.

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