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Who are BSC?

Building Services ControlBuilding Services Controls provide control solutions to the commercial industry for both new construction and specific projects throughout Wales and the UK. BSC have been involved in some of the most prestigious buildings that have been constructed in South Wales, providing high end technical solutions.

Having worked with Ballyhoo and its predecessors since 2004, Building Services Controls came to us looking for a fresh, modern design for their website to complement the state-of-the-art services they have to offer. They were keen to be able to keep their website up-to-date in-house and in terms of design our only instruction was to incorporate their existing branding. As BSC were already familiar with the system, our CMS Ballyhoo Refresh was chosen as the development platform.

The number of users accessing the web through mobile devices was also a concern to BSC so it was decided the new website would be responsive (mobile-friendly) with a separate interface for users accessing the website on devices with small resolutions.

What the client has to say about our work...

Ballyhoo have worked well and patiently with me to achieve a design I am happy with. We cannot fault Ballyhoo for their level of professionalism and service and especially for their endless patience to achieve the exact design of website that we wanted. We have just launched our new look website and are extremely pleased with the results. We are already receiving a very positive response from our users.

Joanne Jones, Business Development Manager


BSC are working in a very directional industry where the solutions they provide more reflect the buildings and homes of tomorrow than today. With this in mind, this website has been designed to be clean and modern, ultimately reflecting the intelligence and efficiency of the technologies BSC work with.

Tiles are the main design device used in this website. These elements have been extensively used throughout the design, from textured layering on the homepage to the dynamic display of information on the Contact page. The orderly, uniform nature of tiles reflects the organisation and thought that must go in to every solution BSC crafts.

The feel of this website is light yet dynamic. Colour theory tells us that blue, in its many forms, is the colour of intelligence, authority, dependability and trust. To instantly convey these values to the user a wide range of blue shades have been used throughout the design. Red accents provide contrast, directing attention to important pieces of information. Strong, aspirational imagery has also been used effectively in this design to make the solutions available more tangible to prospective customers.

Responsive Design

The use of tiles translated very well when we came to design the mobile-view, allowing us to neatly stack elements and creatively re-arrange content for smaller resolutions. The limitations of touch devices were also taken into account to ensure that no usability was lost when viewing the site on mobile.

The result is a rich experience on both desktop and mobile, allowing users to learn about and interact with Building Services Controls at work, at home or on the go.


BSC MobileAs we mentioned earlier, Ballyhoo Refresh was the content management system of choice for this project. Refresh is designed to make your website easy to manage and maintain, with no separate admin area to negotiate – you simply need to log in and navigate to the section of the site you want to edit or add to.

The decision to use this CMS was made for a number of reasons, with BSC's familiarity with the system on their existing website a highly-contributing factor. Refresh also had all of the required features for this project pre-built into the system, meaning no major development work was needed to provide necessary functionality and thus saving cost.

Development of this project commenced in a password-protected temporary online location, allowing us to build the website and keep things under-wraps without disturbing the pre-existing website. Following completion of the website build we began what is arguably the most important stage of the process – testing. With the added complexity of responsive web design our testing process was even more thorough than usual, encompassing web browser and resolution testing on a massive range of devices and operating systems at our disposal.

Key Features

  • Tiles
    Throughout the entire site you'll see a range of tiles have been used to display content. These tiles can easily be styled to show one of three coloured icons in the top left corner and can also be set to occupy either the full-width or half-width of the site, allowing several tile combinations to fill the page.
  • Homepage Slideshow
    BSC's services are shown on a unique full width slideshow on the homepage. The slideshow can be navigated using the left and right pointing arrows or by clicking on the service in the slideshow navigation bar.
  • User Accounts
    Ballyhoo Refresh allows several users to have administration rights. This makes the admin area more secure as a single password doesn't need to be shared within the company and also creates accountability for each user's actions.
  • Call to Action
    A call to action has been added to the bottom of each service page. This makes it simple for the visitor to get in touch.
  • Latest News
    A dedicated tile on the homepage of the website pulls through the latest item added to BSC's News page. This features gives regular visitors a quick point of reference for the company's latest news and also shows new visitors that BSC have an active interest in keeping their users up-to-date with information.
  • Latest Tweet
    In the footer of this website we have included BSC's latest tweet, directly from their Twitter feed. Again, this demonstrates to users that BSC have an active online presence and also gives them the opportunity to follow @bscservice on Twitter should they wish to.

How Can We Help?

If you are in need of a new website, a revamp for your existing website, development to work responsively or anything related to websites and the internet in general then feel free to get in touch. Any member of the Ballyhoo team will be happy to help and can be contacted by telephone on 0121 222 5780, email to or via the contact form on our contact page.

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