Cambridgeshire Police Federation

Who are Cambridgeshire Police Federation?

Cambridgeshire Police Federation represent the men and women of Cambridgeshire Constabulary, providing advice and support on the issues affecting the working life of the police officers who make up their membership.

After seeing our work on neighbouring police federation websites, Cambridgeshire Police Federation approached us to create a new website for their members. With an increasing amount of web browsing taking place on smartphones and tablets, Cambridgeshire also wanted their website to be optimised for mobile users.


The design of this website very much leans towards flat UI with a card-based structure being used on the homepage to present key information. Users are increasingly familiar with this trend, which is fast becoming the norm, and it also allows a great amount of flexibility on a website with fast-paced content.

The history of Cambridgeshire's police force stretches back over 150 years so the creative reigns were pulled in slightly to retain a sense of institution. Furthermore, imagery of historical sites and well-known landmarks within Cambridgeshire were used throughout the design to evoke a sense of local pride.

Several concept designs were produced, including responsive designs for mobile, to show our client exactly how the website would look upon completion. The end result is an intuitive and engaging website which reflects the values of the Federation and succinctly presents police officers with the information they vitally need.


As much of the content on this website needed to be restricted to be viewed by registered members only, the decision was taken to build this website on Joomla. Joomla is a global open-source content management system (CMS) for which a vast amount of third-party plug-ins have been developed to offer extended features and functionality.

From our experience with other police federations, like Norfolk, we know that the content on sites like this one can grow significantly over time, even over the space of just a few months. In this respect, Joomla also allows us a great amount of flexibility and control over the way content is stored and displayed.

It should be noted that it's imperative to keep up to date as new versions of your chosen content management system are released. In addition to new features, these often include important security updates and bug fixes which can affect the performance your website.

Based on our website concept designs, a bespoke template was coded by our web developers to bring the Cambridgeshire Police Federation website to life. The finished site, complete with content provided by the Federation, was then stringently tested across multiple web browsers and mobile devices to ensure the website is fully accessible and pixel-perfect.

Key Features

  • National Police Federation News Feed
    Sitting above the many regional police federations is the Police Federation of England & Wales who have their own highly active website at As you may expect, the many news items added to their website are also of interest to police officers within Cambridgeshire. To avoid content being duplicated from one site to the other, an RSS feed of the news articles added to has been output on This is displayed in a scrolling marquee just below the main menu to allow members of the Cambridgeshire Federation to access breaking national news whilst also viewing content at a local level.
  • Restricted Content
    After the installation and main configuration of Joomla, we configured the system to allow visitors to be able to register as users to access content unavailable to the wider public. As a core feature of Joomla, this was one of our main considerations when choosing the system. Users registering on the website need to have their email address and name verified by staff at Cambridgeshire Police Federation before access is granted.
  • Sponsor Banners
    A section of the website has been dedicated to sponsor banners as a number of organisations offering tailored services to police officers advertise with the Federation. Whenever the user visits a new page, or upon page refresh, the section shows a random selection of banners from those added to the administration area. This random display keeps the website looking fresh and also allows many banners to be added without the structure of the site being compromised.
  • Search Facility
    Any large website needs a search facility to allow users to quickly access content. A built-in Joomla search facility has been utilised on this website whereby all results are returned with the title of the relevant page and an extract showing the search key in context.

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