What does Conversion Rate mean?

In terms of websites we use the term Conversion Rate to refer to the percentage of visitors to your site that fulfill one of your goals. So, if you are selling products online we'd typically refer to the percentage of website visitors that placed an order with you as your Conversion Rate. For sites that don't sell online we can measure the number of enquiries sent through enquiry forms against the number of visitors to produce a Conversion Rate.

At Ballyhoo we are very focused on producing successful websites so we often look at Conversion Rates to measure how well a site is performing. Our e-commerce engine, Ballyhoo Commerce, and our Content Management System, Ballyhoo Refresh, have been developed to allow us to measure a number of Conversion Rates.

What should my Conversion Rate be?

We are often asked what is considered a good Conversion Rate. This is a very difficult question to answer as it fluctuates hugely between different industries and product offerings. Our best advice is to always strive to improve your Conversion Rate, regardless of what figure you have right now. There is always something that can be done to improve your website, meanwhile trends and user behaviours change over time and will require you to analyse and adapt to match them and maintain Conversion Rates.