Copywriting is the art of creating engaging and relevant copy that sells both your business and products to potential customers. It’s used on practically every page of your website - in page titles and product descriptions down to company profiles and returns policies. Well-written content is a key area for both customers and search engines alike but sadly it’s an area that is often neglected. However, if used effectively it can mean the difference between a customer staying on your website and a search engine listing you higher than your competitors.

As part of our copywriting service we not only create appealing content, we also ensure that your copy is unique, accurate and free from spelling and formatting errors. As part of your online marketing package we’ll generally focus on the following areas:

Blog Writing

Regular blog posting ensures good content growth and can frequently become a valuable source of information for your customers. Furthermore, it also helps to create a community around your website as readers interact with you through blog comments and share your content with friends and colleagues.

We’ll research your industry and create blog posts on topics relevant to your business. Blog topics generally encompass industry issues, company news and product/service launches. A blog might be something you want to contribute to yourself and we encourage you to be involved in this aspect of your website as much or as little as you wish - after all, no-one knows your business like you do!

General Content

We’ll look at the content on your website as a whole, updating copy on all pages as needed to establish good use of targeted keywords and to ensure customers are given enough information about a product or service to make a purchase or make contact. In other words we’ll aim to encourage conversions through your website copy. We’ll also ensure that all pages are proofed and formatted correctly to maintain a high standard throughout the site.