Corporate Websites

Ballyhoo Home PageWhether you're a local greengrocer or a national law practice a good corporate website is now considered an integral part of any organisation. It should communicate the essence of what you do, answer distinct questions about your organisation and, ultimately, entice visitors to get in touch.

At its core a good corporate website is information-based: What are your opening hours? How can customers get in touch? Which services do you provide?

First and foremost, the visitor should be able to find the answers to these questions with as few clicks as possible. You can then add additional features to make each visit to your website a rich and rewarding experience for the user.

How important is a corporate website?

Both public and business consumers are turning to the internet more frequently to find local and national services so it's important that you are represented online by a useful and engaging website.

A 2013 survey into how consumers in the UK and North America find local services revealed that an astonishing 95% of respondents had searched for a local business online in the last 12 months. With statistics like this helping to prove that we are more internet-aware than ever it's crucial that your organisation has a website you can be proud of and, most importantly, ensures that you're not missing out on trade.

How can Ballyhoo help?

We've been helping organisations old and new to create effective corporate websites for years. Some are new to the internet whereas others simply need to modernise – regardless of your situation we can help you design and structure a website that your customers will love.

As part of the design and development process we'll take time to understand your industry and expectations to tailor a corporate website specific to your needs. Your website will be designed with your target audience in mind, focusing on how the user will interact with your content and making it as easy as possible to access useful information.

As we mentioned previously, covering the basics is the most important thing but that doesn't mean your website has to be boring! With a solid foundation we can introduce exciting features for your users to interact with, including:

Once your new website has launched it's understandable that your needs might evolve as you become established online, not to mention the emergence of new trends and technologies, so we hope to build a relationship with you where we can continue to work together to meet and exceed your requirements.

Looking for something else?

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