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Derricks Music is a cultural landmark down in Swansea and has been at the heart of the music scene there for as long as many people can remember. We've worked with Derricks Music for years now, first developing a custom ticket locking system for them back in 2008. Since then we've worked to maintain their website and add new features as necessary. Last year we started work on a new web design and entirely new custom e-commerce system. Derricks Music wanted a fresh new design, a better user experience and advanced online payment processing.

It is important to note that this project couldn't have reached the level of design and functionality without the great working relationship between Derricks Music and Ballyhoo. Throughout the design and development process Derricks Music were ready to tell us what they wanted and how they needed things to work but they were open to our suggestions too. Ballyhoo drove the project by exceeding expectations and suggesting new and even better ways to do things. We hope to continue working on this website for years to come and to push it to the limit of the best it can be. Work is already underway on introducing new features...


As Derricks is such a well-known name locally in Swansea, and much of their website traffic comes from regular customers, it was important to keep their identity clear and recognisable. The contrast of black and yellow is a major part of the Derricks Music branding but we softened this slightly by introducing shades of grey and texture, for example the background of this site may look black at first glance but it actually has a fine texture reminiscent of speaker material and the internal cushioning of instrument cases. We also used a subtle gradient on the yellow elements of the design to give a 3D effect and tone down the vibrancy.

Derricks Music is a trusted dealer of karaoke and DJ mix CDs such as Sunfly and Mastermix so these had to be featured prominently in the design. Derricks Music also regularly promotes certain shows in South Wales so the banner area that was created was designed with this in mind - each banner is a fixed size so it's simple to re-arrange them as necessary and graphics produced for new banners can be easily slotted into the design.

Development was built using our content management system Ballyhoo Refresh as a foundation. This would provide all the necessary content management functions and provide us with a solid base on which to develop the custom e-commerce features for this project.

Custom modules were first created for Albums and Tickets pages. In the Albums section, the website administrator can add a new album for sale, specifying information like Title, Artist, Release Date, Price and Delivery Options. They also need to provide the weight of the album to help the system calculate the shipping cost (if the item is to be delivered). In the Tickets section, the information that can be included when adding a new ticket for sale includes Event Title, Date/Time, Venue, Price, Booking Fee, Genre and Delivery Options. On these pages customers are able to search for albums or tickets using search fields like Artist, Date and Venue. 

Customers can build a shopping basket of as many albums and tickets as they like. A summary of their order is shown in the website template at all times under Your Basket. By clicking View & Checkout in this box they are presented with an itemised shopping basket where they can remove any items they no longer want. The cost of shipping is also displayed as well as the final order total. 

This shopping basket functionality was custom-built to take into account factors such as booking fees, delivery options (administrators can specify whether the ticket/album can be delivered to a home address, collected from a venue or collected from the Derricks Music shop) and stock control (administrators can also specify the number of tickets available and limit the number of tickets available to buy in a single order). 

By clicking Proceed to Checkout, customers are first asked to enter their details such as name, phone number, address (for delivery) and email address (for order confirmation messages). After clicking Continue they are asked to review these details and amend them if required. Clicking Continue once more takes them to the online payment form provided by SagePay. 

Payment processing on the Derricks Music website is provided by the SagePay Server integration. This means that payment details are taken on the website itself, through a custom designed payment form, and the information is passed securely to SagePay for processing. A variation of the standard payment integration has been used here where, instead of taking the funds immediately, a 'shadow' is placed over the funds in the customer's account. Derricks then have a limited number of days to either accept or decline the order and release the funds from the customers account. This method was chosen as, due to the nature of ticket selling, it may not always be possible to fulfil orders. 

A further custom module was created in the CMS for order management. Administrators can view orders, amend the quantities if stock levels aren't sufficient and, only when they confirm that the order can be fulfilled, release funds from the customers account to pay for the order. If the order cannot be fulfilled at all, administrators simply need to abort the order and the shadow will be lifted from the customer's account.

Email Template Design


Derricks Music is an independent music shop based in Swansea, South Wales. From their established shop they sell a massive range of albums (CD & Vinyl) as well as tickets for gigs, festivals and theatre.

We've worked with Derricks Music for many years now and most recently redeveloped their e-commerce website. As part of the regeneration of Derricks Music's online presence we suggested sending out a regular newsletter to customers to let them know about the latest tickets and albums on sale.


The Derricks Music newsletter design was intended to seamlessly tie in with the new website.

The Derricks Music brand is very strong and instantly recognisable locally so we didn't want to detract from this at all. We've used many elements from the website design, including the colours, fonts and banners, to design this newsletter template.

Essentially, the entire header of the website has be recreated in the newsletter - customers receiving the newsletter can even use the navigation on the newsletter template to visit the correct section of the website.


As with any design we needed to take the various elements and use code to make a working, interactive template. Particularly, we had to make this newsletter design work with our email campaign software - a sophisticated piece of kit that not only sends each email campaign for you but reports back with vital statistics such as how many people have opened your newsletter, which links they have clicked on and even where in the world they opened it from.

Developing a newsletter template is somewhat different to building a website in that much of the code we might use to make a website look great won't necessarily render properly in email clients like Gmail and Outlook. To ensure the newsletter template we've designed and built looks perfect for everyone who receives it we test each new email template thoroughly. Testing includes viewing a test email in every email client we can get our hands on and ensuring that the template will slip past know spam filters without issue.


Derricks Music are understandably very busy so we've taken over the responsibility of compiling and sending newsletter campaigns on behalf of the owner.

This involves a number of tasks, typically we:

  • Ensure the newsletter subscription list is up to date. This involves checking the Derricks Music customer database and importing the subscription list into our newsletter campaign software. 
  • Compile a list of tickets and albums to add to the latest newsletter. These could be selected from a range of upcoming gigs, tickets that have proven to be popular, the latest album releases and the top selling albums. 
  • Populate the newsletter with content. We're very experienced in using our email software so this is a relatively quick and easy process. 
  • Send our contact at Derricks Music a preview of the newsletter for approval. 
  • Schedule the newsletter for delivery once we have approval on the content. The time and date of delivery is often pre-determined by the client but can also be influenced by statistics and our experience of sending email campaigns.
  • Provide Derricks Music with a report of the email campaign's success, including open/click statistics and income generated.

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