Do I Need to Show My Address on My Website?

Do I Need to Show My Address on My Website?

For most basic websites there is no legal requirement to show your address on your website. However, if you sell goods or services on your website the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 dictate that you must provide your “full geographic address”, particularly if payment is taken in advance as is the norm.

If payment is taken through your website your bank or payment gateway provider may even have more stringent rules and can insist that you show both your address, company registration details and VAT registration number (if you have one of course) in their terms and conditions.

What Do We Suggest?

We actually believe and always advise our customers that it is beneficial to show an address on any corporate website to add credibility to your business. If you are not happy showing your home address then a compromise could be to set up a PO Box or a virtual office. We feel it is important to take every opportunity to give visitors to your website confidence in you and your business, therefore increasing the chances of them getting in touch or placing an order. We put huge efforts into driving traffic to a website but many people forget the simple things that can help make a website successful.


By Georgia

Georgia is Ballyhoo's online marketing assistant, helping out with online marketing strategies big and small for our customers.