Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a fantastic way to let customers know about your services and products, simply remind them that you are still out there and generate traffic to your website. Emails can be sent to anyone around the world in a matter of seconds and are effortless to open and read, so why not take advantage of this method of communication to get in touch with your customers?

We can produce regular email campaigns ensuring that they’re well-written, correctly formatted and sent through sophisticated email campaign software with no risk of your email being blacklisted for sending unsolicited bulk emails. We’ll also create a deep integration with Google Analytics to allow detailed reporting on email performance in terms of sales and conversions.


A great way to start your email campaign is to choose a design. This could be an existing template that you wish to use or one that you want to adapt to suit your branding. There are many free templates available on the internet to choose from. However, an option to seriously consider is commissioning a graphic designer to create a bespoke email template consistent with your branding and website. This would be a one-time expense which you will see the benefit of again and again and will really reflect your company image.


What has been happening at your company recently, do you have an amazing new product or service you want to share with the world? In your email newsletter your goal is to grab your reader's attention. Less is more, it's best to include only a handful of great articles than lots of mediocre ones. Articles should be short and to the point, you don't want the reader to get bored and delete the email. Include links to the relevant product or article pages so that the reader can learn more if they wish. Also include high-quality images in your articles, these will make an instant impression when the email is opened.

How To Send Your Email Campaign

By no means should you send the campaign through your own email account. With potentially hundreds of recipients you are at risk of overloading the server your mail is sent through and could blacklist the server and your email address as a sender of unsolicited bulk emails (i.e. spam). Advanced email campaign software is available to do all the hard work for you. You simply have to create your email newsletter, upload a list of the email addresses you wish to send it to and sit back and wait while your emails are sent through a recognised and approved server.


With the aforementioned software you also have access to detailed and invaluable statistics about your email campaign. How many people have opened the email? What links did they click on? Did they forward it to any friends? You can even see what time your email was opened and by whom. All of this information and more is available to you in detailed reports generated by the email campaign software. You can use these to your advantage in a variety of ways, for example to strengthen promotion on a product that has been shown to be popular with your subscribers.


We recommend that you send a monthly email campaign to keep the public conscious of your presence but there is no set timescale and you can send them as frequently as you wish.


At Ballyhoo our email campaign packages start from £520. This is a one-off payment that includes bespoke email design, template development, integration with email software and thorough testing in a multitude of email clients including Outlook, Gmail, iOS, Android and others.

We will also provide you with the tools and know-how to send unlimited email campaigns to your customers.

In summary:

If you lack the time or confidence to send your own email campaign we can provide a content population service at an additional charge per campaign. We will ensure:


Obviously, you need subscribers to send your email campaign to! There are a number of ways to collect email addresses for your email campaigns but it is important to remember that each recipient must have willingly provided their email address or have opted-in to receive emails from you. On your website we can integrate a newsletter subscription feature which allows customers to quickly and easily sign up to receive your emails - this would simply be a case of the customer typing their email address into a box and clicking Submit. Their address would then be automatically stored in your subscriber list in your email campaign software. If you are using our e-commerce system Ballyhoo Commerce you may have noticed the built-in newsletter subscription feature which allows you to download a mailing list at any time from the administration area of your website. This list comprises anyone who has used the subscription widget on your website or opted-in to receive emails during the customer registration process. You can import a new list of addresses to our newsletter campaign software at any time. For more information please contact us.