Who are Eurofyre?

EuroFyreEurofyre is a well established global supplier of specialist fire detection and associated safety products. One of their main aims is to provide a valuable portfolio of online information making their website a valuable asset to their business.

Eurofyre have been working with Ballyhoo for the last 7 years, ever since their original website was developed and have carried out various revamps and minor changes over the years. Ballyhoo and Eurofyre recently made the decision to update, starting from the ground up to develop a fresh website that is up to speed with modern trends, tools and techniques.

Mark, Eurofyre’s technical services manager, brought to us some good ideas of how he would like Eurofyre’s website to evolve. He wanted a modern, flat design that resembled that of some of today's leading technology companies and wanted his website to be modern, technical, and stylish to match the characteristics of the products Eurofyre manufacture. Mark provided wire-frames and specific details as to how he would like the project to unfold which aided us greatly in producing a final product he could be proud of.

As Eurofyre is already a well established company, branding and colours were to remain the same thus matching their printed literature.


Eurofyre mobileWe took into consideration all of Eurofyre’s criteria and worked closely together to produce a final design. Our experience and expertise allowed us to act as consultants to Mark making improvements on his idea and advising on areas where user experience and functionality could be improved. Once the finer details were agreed we set about creating a design.

The design for was based around striking full width images and dominant call-to-actions. A clean, flat and modern layout represents the products that are on offer and the colour theme matches the original branding. Thumbnail images on the home and category pages make navigation simple and effective, creating a natural funnel through the site. has been designed to “respond” to any screen resolution from widescreen to mobile and therefore, as all websites should, operates seamlessly across an infinate range of desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Ballyhoo Refresh was the content management system of choice due to its flexibility as well as the fact that Eurofyre’s existing website was built on Ballyhoo Refresh and they were very happy with its performance and usability.

On top of the existing features of Refresh, a custom module was developed to display Eurofyre’s products using multiple images, key features and product information that can be easily divided into sections and made easily navigable by a fixed menu.

An autocomplete search was also added to enable visitors to easily find the product they are looking for by suggesting products as the user types into the search bar.

Online Marketing

To ensure Eurofyre are well recognised online we implemented an ongoing, rounded marketing strategy that includes a variety of aspects such as search engine optimisation, email marketing and cost-per-click campaigns.

The website was also built on our very own content management system, Ballyhoo Refresh, meaning it is not only easier for the client to manage but we also have all of the tools needed to efficiently add content to the website, as optimised and natural as possible, when needed.

Key Features

  • Product Module
    A custom module to display products and images in an easy-to-navigate, digestible fashion.
  • Autocomplete Search
    Once a user has entered the first three letters of their search string the autocomplete search function will predict the rest of their search by showing related products and pages.
  • Swipe-able Slideshow
    Appears like an ordinary slideshow but can be navigated by swiping on a touchscreen device or dragged using a pointer.
  • Google Maps
    An interactive map of the Eurofyre location and it surrounding area makes it is easy to get directions and discover local amenities.

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