Customer review and feedback system for service and products


Feefo is a cost-effective, automated customer feedback system for businesses with an online presence. Only genuine customers are invited to leave feedback on Feefo, guaranteeing that the responses are honest and unedited and giving your customers confidence and trust when they shop with you online.

Although it is possibly the most important benefit, customer confidence is not all that Feefo has to offer. Feefo also brings to the table a number of SEO benefits, contributes to your Google seller rating and also gives you the opportunity to respond to feedback, proving to your customers that you are able to provide a high level of customer service.

How does it work?

Once a customer has made a purchase from your website you pass on their details to Feefo. This process can be automated or carried out manually by uploading the information to the Feefo website.

Feefo then send an invitation to your customer inviting them to leave feedback about your product and/or service. Your customer then has the option give you a rating of “Excellent”, “Good”, “Poor” or “Bad” and they are also permitted to provide additional comments if they wish.

Feedback Example

Feefo and Google (trusted reviews)

Seller Rating Stars

As Feefo is an independent review service the feedback that you receive translates to the number of stars you see in your Google seller ratings. High ratings significantly increase the click through rates and conversion rates of your AdWords campaigns as well as improving the quality score of your PPC advertising.

SEO Benefits

There are a number of SEO benefits associated with using Feefo. Whenever feedback is received Feefo is collecting organic, user-generated, keyword-rich content about you and your products. This content, when deployed correctly (see Feefo on YOUR Website below) adds valuable content which Google and other search engines love to see each time someone leaves you positive, or even negative, feedback.

Feefo also automatically links back to your product page every time a review is left, continually creating quality links to your website.

Feefo on YOUR Website

Feefo REviews

Any reviews that you receive through Feefo can be automatically displayed on your site. Not only does this offer your customers valuable feedback about you and the products or services you sell, it also generates trust leading to higher conversion rates and bigger revenue.

If you would like any more information about Feefo or you would like discuss adding a customer review or feedback system to your website please feel free to contact us either by email to hello@ballyhoo.co.uk, or by telephone on 0121 222 5780.