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The Ballyhoo team uses cloud accounting software Freshbooks to manage our daily bookkeeping, invoicing and time-tracking. This 'painless billing' system makes life so much easier for us meaning we can focus on more important things - like building your website!

We adopted Freshbooks as our accounting system way back in 2008 before Ballyhoo Ltd was even incorporated. We've used the system every working day since then to track our invoices, create company expenses and log the hours we work and we genuinely couldn't live without it now.

Using Freshbooks also has many benefits for you as our customer, read on to find out what they are.

Invoices & Estimates

Freshbooks Paid StampWe're keen on paperless billing. Freshbooks allows us to easily communicate with you via email meaning you receive invoices and notifications instantly and with less impact on the environment.

When we send you a new invoice you'll receive a notification email letting you know. The email will also invite you to click on a link that will allow you to view your invoice on our system. From there you'll be able to print your invoice, export it as a PDF and even pay online through PayPal or Google Checkout. If you're a bit forgetful the system will also send automatic payment reminders at set intervals to remind you to pay your invoice.

Estimates are handled in much the same way whereby the system will notify you by email that a new estimate is ready to view. When you view the estimate you'll be able to click to accept the estimate online which will notify us to get the ball rolling on your project.

Managing Your Account

It's easy to track invoices you've received from Ballyhoo and keep your records with us up-to-date.

When you log in or access the system to view an invoice you'll see that there are a number of options at the top of the page. On the Home tab you'll see a snapshot of your recent activity and what you currently owe us. You'll also see our contact details in case you want to get in touch.

Under the Invoices tab you'll be able to access all of the invoices we've ever sent you, view your payment history and even view and export an account statement. In the top right of the screen you'll also see Profile and Log Out buttons. Click on Profile to update your personal and business details including your email address, phone number and address.


Freshbooks Time TrackingOur time is our biggest commodity and it's something we need to keep track of accurately. One of the biggest benefits of Freshbooks is the ability to track time on all of our projects. The time tracker allows us to log precisely how long a job takes, down to the second, meaning we know exactly how much time we've spent on your project.

As a result our invoices for ad hoc updates are incredibly accurate. Combine this with the fact that we have no minimum charges and this equates to a fair and cost-effective way to invoice you for quick updates to your website.

For bigger projects our time-tracking means that we always know how long we have left to pull your project together on time and on budget.