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Who are GEA Consulting?

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Since the launch in 2014, GEA Consulting have updated their branding to 2EA.

GEA Consulting specialise in providing energy-saving methodologies to organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make a real impact on the environment and their costs. GEA's managing director Andrew Gardner has been short-listed for, and won, numerous industry awards, including being awarded CIBSE's Low Carbon Consultant of the Year no less than 3 times.GEA Logo

GEA Consulting had a basic web presence that they were looking to revitalise, which included a revamp of the company's identity and stationery suite. Having already demonstrated our design and development capabilities to new company director Sebastian Gray on a previous venture, Ballyhoo were ideally placed to put our experience into this project.

We recommended that GEA 'future-proof' their website by employing responsive web design techniques to cater for the growing population accessing the internet through smart devices. With their strong focus on forward-thinking, it's no surprise that this was something they wanted to take advantage of.

What the client has to say about our work...

I first used ballyhoo for my previous business, in which they successfully helped rebuild that site. Since then I have moved over to GEA Consulting, in which we used them again and I got our Managing Director involved. Not only did they cover our website design (including mobile and tablet enabled) but they also designed our new brand identity, brochure and helped with our email migration, all at the same time.

Their effective project management made dealing with all requests at once a stressless task and throughout the entire process we had good communication with them. Overall Ballyhoo have the talent in business of being able to understand two peoples visions, both creative and logical, and bringing them together to make a truly professional and clean site.

Sebastian Gray, Company Director

Brand Identity

Our first task as part of this project was to develop a new brand identity design for GEA. When we say identity, we don't just mean a company logo. We go beyond this to develop a well-rounded idea of how the company should be represented in different media, including how the logo, brand colours and typography can be put to best effect in a range of circumstances.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines contain detailed examples on how the logo should be displayed and positioned in various situations as well as having information on colour codes, straplines and typography. The client can refer to this guide or present it to graphic designers to ensure their brand is consistent across all media.

With GEA's preferences in mind we set to work exploring how we could represent what they do visually. After putting our initial ideas to the client for their feedback we refined our design until we arrived at the final logo, which you can see below with the company tagline. Compare this to their old logo on the left and we think you'll agree its a vast improvement.


As the final part of this exercise we presented GEA Consulting with a personalised brand guidelines document, something they can both use in-house as a reference or take to any graphic designer in order to achieve consistency with the rest of their online and offline media.

Brand Change

In order to keep their ever growing presence in the marketplace, GEA Consulting decided it was time to revamp their brand image and change their company name altogether. However, they wanted to keep changes minimal to ensure clients could still recognise them. After offering our expert advice on how to achieve this, 2EA was born and a number of brand new features were added to the website, including:

  • Search functionality
  • Contact form
  • Tags
2EA Logo

A Smooth Transition

As with every brand change, we needed to inform clients of what was happening so we decided to send out a newsletter to showcase the new brand and tell clients when the changes were going to be pushed live. As well as this, the old domain name and email addresses needed seamlessly redirecting to ensure customer emails did not get lost or existing links were sent to non-existent pages.

Responsive Web Design

GEA ResponsiveThis website is fully responsive, meaning regardless of the resolution of your device the website will adapt its layout so that you can view and use it in the most favourable way.

Whether you view on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone you'll be able to access all of the content on the full website with no omissions or compromises.

The web development techniques that we've used here ensure compatibility with all current and older devices, and this also means that the website should continue to appear in the ideal format on all new smartphone and tablet releases too.

In terms of the visuals on this website, the identity we created in the first stage of the project dictated the colours, fonts and general tone of the website. A vibrant hero image on the homepage greets you as you land and this type of strong imagery has been used on further pages, notably the Service section of the website, too.

Web Development

The platform we chose for the GEA Consulting website was our own lightweight CMS, Ballyhoo Refresh. Refresh has simple management features which allow anyone with word processing skills to successfully add and edit pages. This seemed ideal for what is essentially a brochure website, i.e. mainly providing information to visitors.

Web development proceeded in a temporary online environment where we could build without affecting the existing site. This also allowed GEA to complete user acceptance testing before the website went live, giving them confidence their new website would be launched in perfect condition.

Technologies we used in the build of this website included HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Online Marketing

To ensure GEA are well recognised online we implemented an ongoing, rounded marketing strategy that includes a variety of aspects such as search engine optimisation, email marketing and cost-per-click campaigns.

The website was also built on our very own content management system, Ballyhoo Refresh, meaning it is not only easier for the client to manage but we also have all of the tools needed to efficiently add content to the website, as optimised and natural as possible, when needed.

G Suite

In addition to identity and website design, we have also provided a reliable hosting package for GEA Consulting and have introduced them to G Suite, the cloud email and office suite. Our service here included the set up and configuration of G Suite with their domain name as well as the migration of existing emails and contacts.

G Suite allows you to access your emails, calendars, contacts and important documents on the go with seamless syncing between your devices. Powerful spam filters ensure you only see the messages that matter and if browser-based email isn't your thing, you can even use it with Outlook too.

How Can We Help?

If you are in need of a new website, a revamp for your existing website, development to work responsively or anything related to websites and the internet in general then feel free to get in touch. Any member of the Ballyhoo team will be happy to help and can be contacted by telephone on 0121 222 5780, email to or via the contact form on our contact page.

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