Google Apps for Work

Google Apps £3.30+VAT per user per monthGoogle has become synonymous with all things Internet and you probably use at least one of their innovations everyday– whether it's Google Chrome to browse the web, the Android operating system on your smartphone or just to make a good, old-fashioned web search.

But did you know you can use Google products for your business too?

Google Apps is an enterprise-class productivity suite for your business, allowing your team to communicate and collaborate using a number of cloud-based applications, including email, calendars and documents.

All of the key applications you'd expect from any top office software suite are included but on top of that each application is synced in real-time with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and accessible to you 24/7, wherever you have an internet connection.

Ballyhoo is an authorised Google Apps for Work reseller which means we have all the knowledge and skills Google deem necessary to deploy Google Apps for our customers. We take care of everything to make sure your transition to Google Apps is a smooth one and we'll be on hand whenever you need assistance.

If that isn't enough to tempt you, how about a personal recommendation? We've been using Google Apps in the Ballyhoo office for many years now and are extremely happy with the way it has helped streamline our communications and enabled our team to work together more effectively – so much so that we now hope to help you benefit in the same ways.

Gmail Gmail

Gmail is undoubtedly the heart of the Google Apps suite, allowing you to keep in touch with your team, customers and clients with absolute ease.

  • Powerful spam filters ensure only genuine, important emails reach your inbox.
  • 30GB of storage per user across all Google business applications (with more storage available to purchase) ensures you never have to permanently delete an email or attachment.
  • Draft emails are automatically saved, meaning you can start composing an email on the train to work then finish and send it on your office PC.
  • Email replies are grouped automatically to keep your inbox tidy and make it easier to follow conversations.
  • Save time by using click-and-drag to add attachments from your desktop or computer folders.
  • Foreign language emails are automatically translated into English using Google Translate.
  • Access your emails securely through your web browser, tablet or smartphone, with all messages and contacts synced across all of your devices.
  • Customisable with your domain name allowing each user to have an exclusive email address ( with any number of aliases (
  • An advanced search facility using Google algorithms allows you to quickly search through messages, including archived and deleted emails, by contact, keyword date range and more.
  • Delegate email accounts to allow colleagues and staff to manage and send emails on your behalf.
  • Intelligent reminders can tell you if you've mentioned an attachment in your email but forgotten to add it. You can also set a window of up to 30 seconds to 'Undo Send'.

With other standard features like customisable signatures, out-of-office timers and filters, you'll find keeping on top of your emails a breeze.

CalendarGoogle Calendar

Next to Gmail, Google Calendar has to be one of the most useful Google Apps you'll ever use. It will help you stay organised, enable you to schedule meetings in seconds and see what your team is up to at a glance.

  • Calendars are synced in real-time across all of your Google Apps enabled devices so you can view, make changes and add items to your schedule on the go.
  • Quickly schedule meetings, appointments and tasks – click-and-drag over your desired timeslot and Calendar will prompt you to enter details.
  • Set email or pop-up reminders from anywhere between 1 minute to several weeks before an event.
  • Add colleagues and clients to meetings as guests and allow them to invite others, see the guest list or modify the event. Guests receive an invitation via email and accept or decline directly.
  • View all of your team's calendars in one place and allow delegation so colleagues can schedule meetings for each other.
  • Colour code colleagues' calendars and switch them on or off as needed.
  • Flexibility to set recurring events every day, week or on certain days of the month.
  • Attach files and documents to events so you have everything you need when you get to your meeting.
  • Google Now enabled devices can inform you of upcoming appointments and even give you directions and tell you when to leave to get there on time!

DriveGoogle Drive

Google Drive is a cloud collaboration platform that allows you and your team to get together to share files and work on group documents. Three applications are available under the umbrella of Drive - Docs, Sheets and Slides.

All changes made to a Drive file are auto-saved every few seconds and synced from your computer to the cloud. No matter which device you access Drive from, you'll always have the very latest versions of your important documents.

You can invite any colleague or client using Drive to collaborate on a file and as the owner you can restrict access with viewing and modification rights. Several people can work on one file at once, with each change fully documented so you can see who's done what.

Google DocsDocs

Docs is a clean-cut word processing application that allows you to create documents featuring richly formatted text, images, links, and even drawings. In Docs you can view Microsoft Word documents, open-format documents, PDFs and more – all of which can be imported or exported for use in other word processors.

Google SheetsSheets

Sheets is a spreadsheet application that allows you to perform data analysis in the cloud. Add advanced formulas and filters, embed charts and forecast results online. You can import .csv files, Microsoft Excel files and more and also export in various formats too.

Google SlidesSlides

Slides allows you to create effective presentations online, with each slide supporting embedded videos, animation and dynamic transitions. You can publish your finished presentation to the web for public viewing or share it privately by email.


A huge amount of support is available to Google Apps users. There's a wealth of information for you to read online and there's also a dedicated Google customer support line to call when you need help.

Google Apps is a live system so it's continually being upgraded and improved. New versions are rolled out frequently and you'll always have the latest version of the Google Apps suite without having to lift a finger.

On top of official Google support, you also have the benefit of Ballyhoo's expertise. We can make recommendations, troubleshoot any issues you may be having and are always happy to help so don't hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email to to see if we can assist you.

Migration & Synchronisation

Outlook to Google Apps MigrationIf you're not already using Google Apps it's likely that you're using a version of Microsoft Outlook. Many businesses like yours have accumulated a massive amount of data, including emails and contacts, during years of using Outlook – information that's still going to be needed once you're using Google Apps. Don't worry about making the switch though, it couldn't be easier. We have a number of tools at our disposal to migrate emails, calendars and contacts to your new Google Apps account.

At Ballyhoo we highly recommend using the web interface to manage your emails, calendars and contacts but if you, or any of your team, truly aren't comfortable with the change from one system to another there is also an option which allows you to keep using Outlook while still benefiting from many of the features Google Apps provides. Just ask us for more information.


Only £3.30 per user per month!The price plan for Google Apps for Work is simple - £3.30 +VAT per user per month. This presents a highly cost-effective solution for your email alone, never mind the wealth of other tools available with Google Apps.

Depending on your circumstances and number of users Ballyhoo may charge a setup fee, which could be as little as £50 +VAT. For more information please get in touch so we can carry out an appraisal of your requirements.