Have You Seen the New Walkover Sprayers Website Yet?

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Last month we launched a new website for Walkover Sprayers, garden equipment manufacturers based in South Wales. If you haven't seen the new website yet you can visit walkoversprayers.com to see the site in the flesh or read on to find out a little bit more.

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Project Summary

Walkover Sprayers have been Ballyhoo customers for over 4 years and were one of the earliest adopters of our e-commerce engine, Ballyhoo Commerce. After trading online with the same website (bar a few tweaks here and there) for the entirety of this period their site understandably needed a bit of a facelift to bring it in line with modern web design trends and techniques.

Ballyhoo Commerce has also come a long way since those early days so an upgrade to the latest version of our e-commerce system was essential to provide the modern features online shoppers now expect as standard.

You can read more about how this project came together and which website features we made the most of in the Walkover Sprayers case study in our online Portfolio.

Ballyhoo Homepage Walkover Sprayers Banner Screenshot

We love this website!

We're so proud of the new Walkover Sprayers website that we've given them pride of place on our homepage! If you haven't already noticed, our homepage features a range of banners promoting our recent projects and services and a Walkover Sprayers banner is now the first you'll see when you land on our website.

We've also distributed a press release about the launch of this website, you can see it online via our distribution partner PRWeb.

We'd love to know what you think about the new walkoversprayers.com, let us know on Facebook or Twitter @ballyhooltd!


By Alison

Alison is Ballyhoo's Office Manager, responsible for keeping the business running smoothly and moving towards bigger and brighter things.

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