Healthy City Directory

Who are Healthy City Directory?

Healthy City DirectoryHealthy City Directory is a Swansea-based organisation that provides a list of groups, clubs, and organisations that can offer support, teaching and encouragement to help the people of South Wales remain healthy and well.

Healthy City came to Ballyhoo to ask us to develop a website capable of collecting information directly from an NHS web service and displaying it to visitors based on specific search criteria.

Web Design

As Healthy City Directory already had an established brand that was to remain unaltered, Ballyhoo set about creating a design for their website based on the existing colour scheme of red, white and black.

The website was to be uncluttered and simple-to-use in order to assist visitors in quickly and easily accessing the information they require.

Prominent on the homepage is the search facility that the entire site is based upon. Two simple drop-down filters allow the visitor to select the category and the topic of the service that they require before being given the opportunity to enter their postcode, town/city or service name.

Once a search is made, the user is presented with a list of results where they are given the opportunity to learn more about the relevant organisations or add them to a shortlist.

The shortlist feature, mainly developed for use by health professionals, gives the opportunity to create a list of suitable groups that can be printed off and sent away with a patient.

Key Features

  • Powered By NHS Direct Wales
    Live data is provided by NHS Direct Wales, or by the service providers themselves, giving up-to-date and current information.
  • Search by category, topic and/or location
    The specific search criteria allows visitors to easily find a service that is relevant and within a suitable distance from their location.
  • Multilingual
    As the service is for South Wales residents, the website is also available in Welsh at the click of a button.
  • Add to Shortlist
    Services can be easily added to a shortlist allowing healthcare professionals or individuals to select multiple services for review. The shortlist can also be easily printed so that users can take information away with them.

How Can We Help?

If you are in need of a new website, a revamp for your existing website, development to work responsively or anything related to websites and the internet in general then feel free to get in touch. Any member of the Ballyhoo team will be happy to help and can be contacted by telephone on 0121 222 5780, email to or via the contact form on our contact page.

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