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Who are HootLoot?

HootLoot is a brand new money management tool for parents and children that was founded by banking and media professionals, David and Ale. HootLoot was set up to educate children about spending and saving by providing a platform to manage money, reach goals and learn those all important “money habits”.

HootLoot commissioned Ballyhoo to help them build this unique and sophisticated web application. This included designing their brand and identity as well as designing and developing a complex set of features simple enough for children to manage.

Web Design

As HootLoot was an entirely new venture it was in need of a full branding exercise. The site was to be informal, yet professional, as HootLoot did not want their brand to appear too corporate or resemble that of a bank. David and Ale wanted the logo to include a character, such as a wise owl, that could be used to identify the brand across various platforms.

After multiple sketches and revisions, a bright and playful brand was produced that portrayed HootLoot perfectly. An owl was used as the final character to be used throughout the site for brand continuity, coupled with a striking speech bubble to outline the logo.

Big, fun images are used throughout the site to attract the younger generation while maintaining a polished appearance to instill trust in parents.

HootLoot was built using our very own content management system, Ballyhoo Refresh, and boasts a plethora of custom features created to offer unique money management tools, including savings calculators, a pocket money manager, savings goals and wish lists.

A login account for parents gives them the ability to set up separate accounts for their offspring and select which features they will have access to. Children are then able to log in and create wish lists, set goals and ask for money from friends and relatives towards their targets.

As with all of the websites Ballyhoo produces, HootLoot was made to work seamlessly on any device and was developed in a separate, temporary environment and fully tested using our testing facility. Once the client was happy with the final product, the HootLoot website was launched.


Key Features

How Can We Help?

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