Who Are Jobzilla?

JobzillaJobzilla is a brand new recruitment agency based in Dartford, just outside of London. Jobzilla pride themselves on matching the right candidates for the right jobs rather than bombarding positions with applicants in the hope that one will be successful.

Being a new company, Jobzilla did not previously have any presence on the internet and required a completely new website. As branding was already in place their next stop was to develop a website to target their market of both businesses looking to advertise available roles and candidates looking for a new career.

Considering the competitive nature of the recruitment industry, it is important that is a vibrant, “stand-out from the crowd” site that is easy to navigate while providing easy tools for candidates to submit their CVs and for recruiters to post vacancies.

Responsive Design

Jobzilla MobileWith mobile devices rapidly increasing in availability, and fast becoming a more popular choice for browsing the internet, it is important that any website works seamlessly across a range of screen resolutions. has been built to respond to the display settings of the device used and therefore renders perfectly across a range of desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

We extensively test our responsive sites on a vast array of desktop and mobile devices using a host of different operating systems and browsers dating as far back as 2010 thus ensuring that no matter what device is being used the website maintains it visual and operational function. The development techniques we use ensure that not only will a website respond to current and older devices, but will also respond to future tablet and smartphone releases too.

Web Development

In normal circumstances we would recommend that a website of this nature is built using our own lightweight content management system, Ballyhoo Refresh. However, in this instance the client already has a number of other websites using Wordpress which he has a vast amount of experience in using therefore making Wordpress the logical choice.

The website was put together in a temporary environment where development and testing could be carried out before being released to the public. This also allowed Jobzilla to view the website to ensure that they were happy with their brand new website before it was launched.

Key Features

During the development of this website a number of modules were added along with some custom built modules to allow use of the following features:

  • Slideshow
    A slideshow has been developed on the homepage that not only automatically scrolls between slides but also allows the user to swipe from slide to slide using their mouse or their finger.
  • CV Submission & Vacancy Posting
    Custom modules have been created to allow applicants to easily upload their CVs and for recruiters to easily post new positions.
  • Brand Carousel
    A brand carousel has been created to allow Jobzilla to easily display their previous clients thus helping to prove their credibility.
  • Twitter Feed
    A widget to display Jobzilla’s Twitter activity.

G Suite

Jobzilla are also making use of our reliable hosting package, including G Suite which allows you to easily access your emails, calendars, contacts and important documents on the go with seamless syncing between your devices. Google Mail offers powerful spam filters to make sure you only see the messages that are important and can even be integrated with Outlook, Microsoft's email client.

How Can We Help?

If you are in need of a new website, a revamp for your existing website, development to work responsively or anything related to websites and the internet in general then feel free to get in touch. Any member of the Ballyhoo team will be happy to help and can be contacted by telephone on 0121 288 1100, email to or via the contact form on our contact page.

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