Life at Longbridge 10 Years On (Video)

Following the 10 year anniversary of the demise of Rover and subsequent media attention around the issue of Longbridge’s recovery, St Modwen have produced a video to give different perspectives on what’s happening in the area.

St Modwen, who are in charge of the regeneration of Longbridge, have spoken to people who now live, work and study in Longbridge following the closure of MG Rover 10 years ago.

As part of the production of this video, Anthony Chaffey was asked to give his take on the development of Longbridge and how it plays a part in the future of Ballyhoo. You can see Anthony (and a glimpse of the Ballyhoo office!) from approximately the 01:35 mark in the video, though we recommend you watch the whole thing to get a flavour of what’s happening in our local area.


By Alison

Alison is Ballyhoo's Office Manager, responsible for keeping the business running smoothly and moving towards bigger and brighter things.

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