Monde Capital

Who Are Monde Capital?

Monde CapitalMonde Capital are an established asset management company specialising in investments in the leisure and retail sector with interests in real estate as well as in food and beverage businesses and franchises.

Monde Capital approached Ballyhoo with the vision to improve their current website and wider online presence. Their existing website, a pre-purchased “template website” built using Wordpress, was not unique to them and did not reflect their business or online aspirations. Monde Capital were also lacking a brand identity and were using a simple font-based logo, as provided within the Wordpress template, as their company emblem.

The new website was to be something current and fresh which would appeal to persons of high wealth, without being too corporate or resembling the website of a financial institution. In addition, the website wasn’t intended to be a typical marketing tool (i.e. to appeal to visitors arriving through search engines) but instead to provide information and help authenticate Monde Capital to potential investors recruited through offline activities.

Brand Identity

In view of the fact that Monde Capital did not have a formal logo in place, there were no existing elements or colours which had to be preserved when developing their new brand identity. Hasan Hashwani, a Director of Monde Capital, wanted his brand to be calm and neutral while portraying that they were a serious, mature and safe company. As for the colour scheme Hasan wanted to explore clean colours such as greens, blues and other earthy, natural colours.

Taking all this into consideration, our graphic designer set about creating a number of initial logo concepts based on the requirements provided and our own research into the asset management industry.

After working closely with the client through several revisions and variations of the logo, the final idea was cemented and the finished logo and brand design, including colours and typography, were presented to the client in a formal brand guidelines document.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines contain detailed examples on how the logo should be displayed and positioned in various situations as well as having information on colour codes, straplines and typography. The client can refer to this guide or present it to graphic designers to ensure their brand is consistent across all media.

Monde Capital


Monde CapitalAn orderly, modern design was put together based on the colours and styles identified in the brand guidelines exercise. Blues were used throughout to convey competence and assurance, without appearing dark and sinister, giving the website a clean and modern, professional (but not too corporate) feel.

Large, full-width images are striking on the homepage and reinforce that Monde Capital are a global, reliable and trustworthy company that pride themselves on providing a passionate experienced team. Navigation is kept simple, allowing the user to easily access the pages they want to view while gently encouraging a natural funnel to valuable pages.

Multiple designs for varying screen resolutions were created to ensure that the website maintains its functionality, visual appearance and usability across a wide range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

All of the websites Ballyhoo creates are extensively tested on a huge range of devices, ensuring that they operate exactly as they should before being released to the public.

Development was built using Ballyhoo’s own content management system, Ballyhoo Refresh. Ballyhoo Refresh, with its simple management features which allow anyone with basic word processing skills to easily add and edit content, was the obvious choice after Monde Capital complained that they struggled to carry out any updates and found Wordpress difficult to navigate on their previous website.

Website development was carried out in a temporary online environment, hidden from the public eye, where it could be fully tested and approved by the client before its final release.

Key Features

  • Newsletter Signup
    A form at the bottom of the homepage allows users to enter their email address and subscribe to the Monde Capital email newsletter. Email addresses are automatically stored on email campaign software for inclusion on future communications.
  • Contact Form
    A contact form on the Contact Us page of the website allows users to instantly send email queries to Monde Capital.
  • Information Box
    A content box at the side of each page can be used to show highlighted information, quotes or keypoints from the content along with an image.
  • Event Tracking
    Event tracking integrated with website analytics software has been set up to log unique events, such as when contact forms are submitted or when other calls to action are triggered.

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