Norfolk Police Federation

Who are Norfolk Police Federation?

Nottinghamshire Police FederationNorfolk Police Federation represent over 1500 police officers in the county of Norfolk, safeguarding their welfare and interests and providing an advisory service in regards to their work, well-being and quality of life while performing their duties.

Norfolk Police Federation wanted to update their Joomla content managed website with a more modern design that better reflected their organisation and all of the information available to their members.

Having worked with Norfolk Police Federation for many years (originally building the site back in the mid-2000s and providing a support and maintenance service since then) we were perfectly placed to give their website the facelift they desired.


We worked closely with Norfolk Police Federation to identify which design aspects were needed and what these should look like. With such an important role to play in the lives of so many police men and women, the website needed to appear professional while presenting the vast range of information available on the website in a clear and easy-to-navigate manner. It was also important to the client that the policing culture and beauty of the county of Norfolk was represented too.

After presenting our initial design concept and tweaking this as per the client's preferences, we ended up with a clean, modern website design ready for development.


Norfolk Police Federation's existing website was based on the Joomla content management system. Before we brought their new design to life we uploaded a copy of their website to a temporary online environment, where we could carry out development without affecting the live site, and set about upgrading their Joomla installation to the latest supported version.

It's important to keep up to date with new versions of your chosen content management or e-commerce system as these can include important security and bug fixes in addition to a variety of new features for you to use on your website.

With Joomla operating on the latest version we then began creating a new Joomla template for use on the website. This was hand-coded to match the concept design pixel for pixel and then thoroughly tested in a range of internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. We also tested the website's compatibility with mobile and tablet devices.

Key Features

  • Members Only
    A feature was built into the website allowing Norfolk Police Federation members to register on the website to access restricted content. Upon registration users' details are manually checked by Federation staff to ensure the registration is legitimate and access is granted allowing the user to sign in to access certain pages, for example, exclusive member discounts or sensitive information. 
  • National News Feed
    The RSS feed of the Police Federation of England and Wales (the parent organisation of all regional police federations) website is being monitored allowing us to automatically display a feed on the Norfolk Police Federation site of the latest news items affecting policing as a whole. 
  • Latest News
    The most recent news item added to the website is output on the homepage in the Latest News box allowing returning visitors to see at a glance what's new since their last visit. 
  • Featured Article
    In the policing world some issues are ongoing for quite some time. By including the Featured Article element on the home page we've allowed the administrator of the website to give specific items prominence for as long as the matter affects members. 
  • Advertising
    A Police Federation's income is drawn from a number of sources including member fees, grants and advertising. Space in the right-column of the site has purposely been included to allow Norfolk Police Federation to display sponsor banners and help generate more income to fund their valuable service.

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