Online Marketing

Shout About Your Business

What is online marketing? Well, at it’s core is the aim to drive as much quality traffic to your website as possible and turn those visitors into customers.

Online marketing is about looking at the bigger picture and developing a strategy that will return the best possible results for your investment. The methods used to achieve this encompass both traditional techniques and out-of-the-box thinking to create that all important buzz about your products and services.

For many years SEO (search engine optimisation) has been the most popular way to drive online sales but this is now just one of the ways we can bring customers to your website. There are a great many other avenues of media that can be explored that not only complement and enhance traditional SEO techniques but create quality traffic in their own right. Press releases and social networking are just two examples of methods that can be used to show the world how relevant you are and also create links that will benefit your search engine rankings.

The quality of the content on your website plays a big part of online marketing. This not only has an impact on how well you perform in search engines but it also affects whether a visitor is converted to a customer - as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. In reality conversion factors generally boil down to how trustworthy you appear to be and how easy it is to find the right information or products on your website and place that final enquiry or order. Of course, having a great looking website also helps!

You and your website are unique so when you get in touch to talk about online marketing we’ll take some time to get to know you and your business to better understand your needs and how we can exceed your expectations.

Some (or perhaps all) of the below methods will be used as part of your online marketing strategy. Just like the internet itself, your service will evolve over time - to get the best results we will continually analyse and review your package to make sure we’re spending our time as wisely as possible.

To talk to our marketing team simply give us a call on 0121 222 5780 or send us an email to We love a challenge and will consider any project, big or small.