Outlook 2007 Email Accounts

The following instructions refer to setting up an email account in Microsoft Outlook 2007.

We have used our test@ballyhoodemo.co.uk email address as an example in each step but you should substitute this email address, or any other items, with the details we have supplied you with where appropriate.

Getting Started

Open Outlook 2007 on your PC or laptop.

Go to the Tools tab in the top menu and select Options. This will open a new window.


In the window that has opened go to the Mail Setup tab then click on E-Mail Accounts.

E-Mail Accounts

Under the Email tab in the next window that opens there is a button called New, click on this.

Add New E-Mail Account

Auto Account Setup

In this window the first thing you need to do is complete the Your Name, E-mail Address and Password fields.

Your name will be displayed to anyone who receives an email from you. You should enter the email address and password that we have provided you with.

Ensure that you tick the Manually configure server settings or additional server types box and click Next.

Internet E-mail Settings

On this screen you'll need to enter some more information about your account. Some of the fields will be pre-populated with information you added in the first step.

Ensure that the Account Type is set to POP3.

Your Incoming mail server will be pop.yourdomain.co.uk and the Outgoing mail server will be mail.yourdomain.co.uk.

Ensure Remember Password is ticked.

When these fields are complete, click on More Settings (located in the bottom-right corner of the window).

More Settings


In the General tab you can change the name of your account, add your organisation name and specify a reply e-mail address if required.

Outgoing Server

In this tab make sure you click My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.


In the Advanced tab you need to change the Outgoing server port number to 587.

Click OK to take you back to the Add New Account Internet E-mail Settings window.

Click Next.


You have now successfully configured your e-mail account to use Outlook 2007. Click Finish on this screen.

And Finally...

To start receiving emails you simply need to click on the Tools tab in the top toolbar and click Send/Receive.

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+M on your keyboard.