Rasoi Indian Kitchen

Who are Rasoi Indian Kitchen?

Rasoi Indian Kitchen is a fresh and inventive curry house in the heart of South Wales, not far from Swansea. After being voted the British Curry Award's Best Restaurant in South Wales 2012 and winning South Wales Curry House of the Year 2013, they've recently achieved the accolade of becoming the only Indian restaurant listed in the Good Food Guide 2014.

We've worked with Rasoi since 2011, when we first created a basic website for their new restaurant, and can attest to how delicious their food really is. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the aromas from the open kitchen really get you in the mood – in fact, we now get cravings every time we work on their website!

In just over a year, following the successful launch of the restaurant, Rasoi wanted to invest in their website to give it a new look with a strong focus on images of their mouthwatering dishes. From the wealth of data available to us in Google Analytics we could see that by creating a new responsive website we could optimise the browsing experience for users on a wide range of devices and help Rasoi capitalise on the growing number of people looking for their restaurant on the move.


Rasoi MobileStriking food photography is at the heart of this website and goes to show that a picture really can communicate so much more than words.

Every time you visit rasoiwales.co.uk you'll see a different photograph in the background of the website and this will change randomly each time you visit a different page on the site too. To complement the diverse colours and textures in these photographs, the rest of the website has been kept fairly plain with transparency used in several areas to allow the user to see the full background image, albeit in an abstract form.

For this project a design concept for mobile devices had to be created too. If you've ever visited a website on the move you'll know that finding what you're looking for, and finding it fast, is what's really important so on smartphones and tablets we are designing first and foremost for usability. Things like transparency and stunning photographs may not be as much of a priority but that doesn't mean good design takes a backseat, it just can't distract from the user experience.

The resulting web design - whether you've visiting on your PC or iPhone - is dark, somewhat mysterious and intended to inspire your sense of the exotic. After browsing the website for just a few minutes we're sure you'll be planning a visit to the restaurant very soon.

Key Features

While photographs of enticing Indian food take centre-stage on this website that doesn't mean to say the pages aren't full of interesting and useful content for customers to engage with...

  • Homepage Tiles
    On the homepage you'll find a range of 'tiles' to help you immerse yourself in the online world of Rasoi Indian Kitchen. From here you can visit Rasoi on various social networks, read genuine diner reviews on TopTable and peruse the latest restaurant news.
  • Newsletter Signup
    Rasoi send regular monthly newsletters to customers who have booked with them online or submitted their email address through a subscription form in the footer of the website. Why not sign up now to get news of the latest events and offers direct to your inbox?
  • Book Online
    On the Bookings page customers can easily book tables online through a widget powered by TopTable. After selecting the date, time and number of people you would like to make a booking for just click 'Find A Table' and a window integrated with Rasoi's online booking system will pop up. Here you will be able to enter your contact details and any special instructions for the restaurant. It's that simple!
  • Image Galleries
    On the Gallery page you can access over a hundred photographs of the sumptious restaurant interior and delicious dishes. Each image can be zoomed and you can browse next/previous images with ease. If you weren't quite sure about visiting the restaurant, you will be after viewing these photos!
  • Google Maps Integration
    The Find Us page of the site features an interactive Google Map of Rasoi Indian Kitchen's location where you can even access Google reviews and get directions.

Responsive Web Design

As previously mentioned, this website is responsive. This means regardless of which device you access the website from you'll always see the information you need presented in the best possible format.

We've used the latest responsive web development techniques to produce the new Rasoi Indian Kitchen website where the layout, including images and fonts, all change intelligently to suit your screen resolution.

The best thing about responsive web design is that all of the content you'd expect to find on the full website is present when you view the mobile version. This makes for a much fuller user experience, especially those who may have accessed your website on their computer and are looking for the same information on the go.You'll see the full layout on your desktop computer, large tablets and in the landscape view of some smaller tablets (7” and above) whereas a more simplistic layout makes the most of limited space on smartphones and the portrait view of small tablets.

To see this website's responsiveness in action just visit the rasoiwales.co.uk on your computer: make your browser window as big as possible then slowly drag one side of the window so that the browser gets narrower and narrower – you'll see the background images changing size and a new layout appearing when it gets to a certain width!

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