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In the current age of the world wide web, it’s not only important for a business to have a website, but it is essential that they have one that they are proud of, one that represents their business well and one that gets whatever message they are trying to portray across to new and existing customers.

Ballyhoo are proud of the websites we produce, and we hope you are too. We want you to tell your friends and colleagues about what we do, and as a thank you, we will give you a 10% referral fee on any new business that leads to*.

The process couldn’t be more simple. If you know someone that is in need of any help, whether that’s a completely new website, some tweaks to an existing one or some help getting their website in front of new customers, all you need to do is:

  • Ask their permission to pass their details to us;
  • fill out the referral form on our website; and
  • let them know we will be getting in touch shortly.

A formal Referral Fee Agreement to be signed by both parties will be endeavoured to be entered into upon receipt of what are deemed to be genuine referrals through this online form (i.e. not spam submissions). In summary, this agreement states that:


  • confirm that you will provide us with sufficient contact details to enable​ ​us to contact the​ ​prospective​ ​client, to include their full name, email address and daytime telephone number;
  • ​confirm that you will provide us with brief details as to what​ ​service(s) in particular the​ ​prospective​ ​client requires; and
  • will ensure that the prospective client consents to being contacted by Ballyhoo in relation to the supply of the service(s).


  • agrees that it will follow-up all referrals made with a view to reaching a completed transaction with the prospective client;
  • shall maintain a proper record of referrals, follow-ups and completed transactions for the purpose of accurate payment of fees; and
  • will pay 10% of the final contract price (exclusive of any VAT) of the first completed transaction in respect of each client introduced.

*initial project only, subsequent work not included in 10% referral fee. 10% fee paid after receipt of full payment of the project. 

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