SSL Certificates

SSL PadlockConvert browsers into buyers and visitors into members

Most people these days know that the padlock symbol in their address bar means the website they are using is secure. This kind of visual reassurance really helps boost consumer confidence and could make the difference between a successful sale or an abandoned shopping basket. 

SSL Certificates can also help improve your conversion rate (the number of visitors who land on your website versus the number who make a purchase) and can even impact the total transaction value of your orders.

The main industries that can benefit from the installation of an SSL Certificate include:

  • online retailers (anyone who takes payment online and ships goods)
  • travel agents (including private holiday home owners)
  • insurance brokers (sites that offer price comparisons and online payment)
  • member-only sites (any site that stores personal information or offers a subscription service)

Ordering an SSL certificate from Ballyhoo

We offer two types of SSL certificate for your website - domain validated SSL certificates and extended validation SSL certificates. Both provide high levels of data encryption and give users faith that their sensitive information is protected.

The main differences between the two are outlined in more detail below but in the most basic terms a domain validated SSL will encrypt sensitive data whereas an extended validation SSL will go one step further and verify your legal identity as the owner of the website. 

By ordering an SSL certificate from Ballyhoo you will benefit from the following:

Read on to find out more about the types of SSL certificate we have available.

Domain Validated SSL Certificate

A domain validated SSL certificate is used to encrypt sensitive data on your website such as personal information and payment details. Having an SSL certificate is a required feature for some third-party services that can be used on your website but in general they are a fantastic method of giving your users confidence that you are protecting their data.

If you're storing or transmitting sensitive data on your website an SSL certificate of any form is highly recommended. A major benefit of domain validated SSLs is that they can be issued very quickly based on a few simple checks.

This type of SSL certificate can be easily identified by the locked padlock symbol in your browser address bar and the use of https:// before the domain name.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Extended Validation SSLs go one step further than domain validated SSL certifcates and turn the entire address bar green (or a portion of it depending on the browser used) to make the security status of the website instantly identifiable. By clicking on the green portion of the address bar the user can reveal further information about the company who owns the website, enabling them to verify that you are who you say you are.

To obtain an extended validation SSL certificate you must be able to verify the legal, operational and physical existance of your organisation or business. The information given must match official records, e.g. your address must match Companies House records if you are a limited company and a search of official records must show that the domain name belongs to you or your business.

This can be a lengthy and time-consuming process which is why we do all the legwork on your behalf, ensuring that we have all the information needed before submitting the SSL application and running a number of pre-application checks to ensure you get your extended validation SSL certificate as quickly as possible.