Staffordshire Police Federation

Who are Staffordshire Police Federation?

Straffordshire Police Federation Staffordshire Police Federation provide representation and resources for the officers and staff of the local constabulary. From legal advice to discounted tickets for local attractions such as Alton Towers, they ensure that their members are fully informed and able to take advantage of all the help and support available to them.

Ballyhoo has been working with Staffordshire Police Federation to maintain their online presence for many years now and were proud to be chosen to keep working with them on this project.

Analytics data showed that the number of visits on mobile and tablet devices was on the rise, suggesting that the users of this website would greatly benefit from responsive web design.


Straffordshire Police Federation MobileWhen the time came to revamp the current website with a new look and responsive functionality we worked closely with Staffordshire Police Federation to identify their (and their audience's) needs and preferences. The website produced is the result of several interations of design, taking into account the client's feedback at every stage.

A palette of harmonising colours with accents of blue and sea green allows important sections of the website to stand out while retaining a strong sense of unity.

With responsive design a priority for this project, the design has modified to adapt at specific break-points allowing the website to be viewed at its best regardless of the resolution of the user's device. In terms of typography, a modernist font was selected for headings with a more traditional sans-serif font used for the bulk of the main content to allow for good readability across devices.


The client's existing website was built on the Joomla open source CMS so it was decided to continue with this platform as the foundation for the new website too. Our first task was to copy the current website and all content into a temporary online environment to allow development to proceed without affecting the performance of the live site. With this done we upgraded Joomla to the latest available stable version and ensured that all confirguration options were set as required and no existing functionality was lost.

We then set about hand-coding a new website template (a skin for the website) based on the design concepts approved by the client. The technologies we employed here include HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Key Features

  • User Registration
    Joomla has been configured to allow members of Staffordshire Police Federation to register as users on the website. By registering they are granted access to specific pages which are hidden from the general public, such as exclusive police discounts.
  • National News Feed
    The Police Federation of England & Wales is an active organisation which regularly publishes articles on issues that affect police on a national level. A feed of their website has been pulled through to allow Staffordshire Police Federation members to see news that affects them both locally and nationally.
  • Sponsor Banners
    Many companies offer services tailored to the needs of police officers, including specialist legal advice and equipment. To help generate income for the Federation we included a sponsor banners section to house adverts from these organisations.
  • Search
    A large volume of content has been added to Staffordshire's website over the years so an intuitive search function is essential to allow content to be easily and quickly accessible.
  • Google Maps
    An interactive Google map of Staffordshire Police Federation's HQ has been added on the Contact Us page to make locating and getting directions to their office a simple process for visitors.

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