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Who are Suffolk Police Federation?

Suffolk Police FederationSuffolk Police Federation is the latest addition to our portfolio of Police Federation websites, joining sites we have designed and developed for Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, among others. Suffolk were impressed by our work on other Federation sites we've created and approached us to redevelop their existing website.

Police Federations are much like trade unions, representing the officers working in their respective constabularies and providing support and guidance on matters ranging from conditions to pay.

Suffolk Police Federation urgently wished to revitalise their website to give their members a better online experience by improving usability and expanding functionality. The website also needed to be responsive to cater for the growing number of people accessing the internet on smartphones and tablet devices.

What the client has to say about our work...

We are delighted with the website, it's a million times better than we had before.

Mick Richardson, JBB Secretary


Suffolk Police Federation MobileThe layout of the Suffolk Police Federation website is modular, with tiles representing different sections and functions available on the site. This design method translates well to mobile devices, allowing the layout of the site to be easily re-arranged to suit smaller screens.

Working with the Suffolk Police Federation crest as inspiration, we chose a simple colour palette for this website predominately featuring white and blue to give the website a clean modern edge.

In contrast to this, red has been used as an accent colour to draw the users attention to certain key aspects, particularly the Sign In button which allows the user to access private content. In line with the main theme a muted full-screen background image adds interest but allows important content on this website to shine.

As this website was responsive we created both a desktop design and mobile design for approval.


Suffolk Police Federation, like many of their counterparts, have chosen to restrict certain resources to members only. For this reason the Joomla content management system was chosen as our development platform. Joomla is an open-source CMS with global reach, featuring rich editing options and a wide range of third-party extensions to increase functionality.

It should be noted at this stage that when choosing a CMS it's important to keep in mind that regular system updates may be required to sustain functionality and keep your website secure. We recommend that updates to new versions of your chosen system are carried out as soon as possible to ensure your website is robust and always accessible. Ballyhoo can shoulder the burden of this commitment for you, ask us about our Support and Maintenance packages.

Following Suffolk's approval of their website concept design our developers first began work on creating a bespoke Joomla website template in CSS and HTML, matching the concept as closely as possible. Web development took place in a temporary online environment allowing the client to view our progress at any stage and complete user acceptance testing.

Following completion of development this website was tested in a huge range of desktop web browsers and mobile devices at our disposal to ensure the site appears and performs as expected regardless of device.

Key Features

  • SMS Alert Registration
    A unique feature of this website is the ability for members to sign up with their mobile phone number to receive text alerts about the latest news affecting them. A dynamic tile on the homepage of the website allows the user to submit their phone number and name to the Suffolk Police Federation database for inclusion.
  • Online Polls
    Offering a degree of interactivity, online polls often prove popular with users and are an effective tool for measuring opinion. The Joomla extension we've used in this instance gives the user one opportunity to submit their answer (a cookie blocks repeated submissions) allowing Suffolk to be confident that the data they collect is a true representation of their members' collective opinion.
  • National Police Federation News Feed
    The national Police Federation of England & Wales, sitting above the regional branches, has a highly active website where news articles are posted many times a week. To pull out content in an easy to view format, we developed a scrolling marquee which outputs the latest items from their RSS feed allowing members to use the Suffolk Police Federation website as a single resource for both national and local news.
  • Restricted Content
    Following completion of the web development stage we configured Joomla to allow user registration and also allow pages to be set as restricted access. New users must sign up with their name and email address which is then verified by staff at Suffolk Police Federation before full access is granted.
  • Sponsor Banners
    Many police federations are part-funded through sponsorship from relevant service providers in the policing field so a dedicated banner section was configured on the site allowing Suffolk to display their sponsors' logos and adverts. A maximum of six banners can be displayed at any one time, showing a random selection of those uploaded to the system each time the page is refreshed or changed.
  • Search Facility
    Any large website needs a search facility to allow users to quickly access content. A built-in Joomla search facility has been utilised on this website whereby all results are returned with the title of the relevant page and an extract showing the keyword.

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