Walkover Sprayers e-commerce web design & online marketing

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Who are Walkover Sprayers?

Walkover Sprayers LogoWalkover Sprayers Ltd is a renowned garden machinery manufacturer based in South Wales. They make and sell various models of the walkover sprayer (a machine that distributes lawn treatments simply by using the power generated through the motion of its wheels) as well as parts, accessories and garden treatments. An established brand in the field of lawn maintenance, they sell to groundskeepers, garden enthusiasts and sports facilities worldwide.

Walkover Sprayers was an early adopter of the Ballyhoo Commerce e-commerce engine and with the help of Ballyhoo have now successfully been selling their products online for many years. In late 2012 we began redevelopment of their website with a new custom design and an overhaul of their website content.

Upon the launch of the website we also embarked upon a tailored online marketing strategy to promote walkoversprayers.com and increase sales from new and existing customers.

Branding & Design

Having made a name for themselves through the reliability of their machines and their superior customer service, Walkover Sprayers have established a brand that's trusted and well known among their target market. Their company logo is synonymous with these qualities and this, along with the striking design of the walkover sprayer machine, created the foundation for the design requirements of this project.

The aim of the website design was to convey the key aspects of the business through an easy-to-digest layout and a website navigation that leads the user to their desired content in the least number of clicks. Meanwhile the colour palette and style of the site intends to communicate that Walkover Sprayers is a trustworthy, sophisticated company that knows their industry inside out.

Key Development Features

Before development of the new Walkover Sprayers website commenced we copied the existing site to a remote online environment where we could easily effect the changes needed without interrupting the business. When ready, this meant we could also switch the site to the new design with as little inconvenience as possible.

Prior to bringing the new website design to life, the duplicate site was first upgraded to the latest available version of Ballyhoo Commerce - providing Walkover Sprayers with new features to make the running of their website that bit easier and giving customers a more enjoyable online shopping experience.