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Wordpress is a superb content management system which we recommend for the majority of new projects. It’s reliable, secure and highly extendible, we’ve even built our own tools to mould Wordpress into our platform of choice.

However, with millions of sites built on Wordpress and with it being open source (meaning anyone can dig into the codebase behind it), it’s a natural target for hackers and trouble makers. The simple solution is to make sure the site is updated promptly when security updates are made available and to ensure that any plugins you use are reputable and also updated promptly.

Wordpress has the built-in ability to update itself and the installed plugins, however, we don’t usually recommend activating that facility. It’s best to take a backup, check that the plugins you’re using are compatible with any new version of Wordpress released and decide on a number of post-update tests to ensure things are still running smoothly. The same can be said for plugin updates; it’s important to make sure new versions released are compatible with the version of Wordpress you are running and that you test the functionality they are adding following any update.

With that in mind, and considering we’ve seen an increase in the number of attempted attacks, phishing and ransom scams in recent years, we’ve developed a dedicated Wordpress Management Service (a Service Level Agreement) which provides the following:

  1. We configure a tool which will monitor your Wordpress install. Once an update is available, a ticket will automatically be generated in our support system for the next available developer to act on.
  2. The tool will also monitor all plugins installed and alert us to updates as they become available, again via a support ticket for the next available developer to act on.
  3. Additionally, you can opt-in to being notified of when updates are available and when they have been installed for you to give you the peace of mind that we have everything in hand.
  4. We guarantee to install all updates within 3 working days.

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