iPhone Email Accounts

These email setup instructions were originally based on the iPhone 3G. While several new iPhone versions have since been released, the process of setting up email on your iPhone is largely identical regardless of version.

To set up a POP3 email account on your iPhone for instant access to all of your important communications, follow these simple instructions:

Step One

iPhone Home Screen

On the iPhone menu select Settings.

Step Two

iPhone Settings

From the Settings menu select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Step Three

iPhone Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Under Mail, Contacts, Calendars select Add Account.

Step Four

iPhone Add Account

The Add Account screen will show you a variety of mail accounts supported by the iPhone. You need to select Other.

Step Five

iPhone Other Mail Account

You now need to select Add Mail Account under Mail on the Other menu.

Step Six

iPhone New Mail Account

In this window you need to enter your basic account details; your name, email address, password and a description of the account, for example Work or Personal. Tap Save.

The address you have entered will be the username requested in the following steps and the password will be the same in all instances.

Step Seven

The next page you see requires you to enter further details about your email account. A number of fields will be pre-populated with information you supplied in the previous step.

iPhone New POP Mail Account

You must first ensure POP is selected instead of IMAP.

iPhone New Mail Account Incoming Mail Server

Then enter the incoming mail server details. The host name will always begin with pop followed by your domain, for example pop.ballyhoodemo.co.uk.

iPhone New Mail Account Outgoing Mail Server

Scroll further down this page to enter the Outgoing Mail Server details. In this instance the host name will always begin with mail, for example mail.ballyhoodemo.co.uk.

Tap Save.

Step Eight

Your iPhone will now try to connect to your mail server securely for incoming mail. If you do not have an SSL certificate installed on your website you will see the following message:

iPhone Secure Connection Failed

Although secure connection has failed be assured that your emails will still be secure as they are sent and received - the connection has simply not been validated by a certificate authority but is equally secure under what is known as a self-certification certificate.

To continue setting up your email account tap Continue.

Your iPhone will then try to your mail server securely for outgoing mail. Again, if you do not have an SSL certificate installed on your domain the above message will appear. To ignore it tap Continue.


You should now be able to successfully send and receive emails from the email account you have just set up.

If you need further assistance or if you would like to install an SSL certificate on your domain please contact us.